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Travel Insurance

Best Way to Deal With Emergencies During Travel.

Travelling to faraway places, especially abroad, can be quite exciting for travellers. But along with that excitement, there are numerous risks that can spoil your travel plans as well. What if your money gets stolen? What if there’s a medical emergency? What if there are flight disruptions that compel you to cancel or change your trip plans?

The solution to all of this is Travel Insurance. By covering medical risks, travel risks, financial risks, etc, travel insurance makes sure that you receive appropriate compensation in case of any unfortunate events. Laxmii Forex’s travel insurance service provides you with all possible assistance whenever you are facing any troubles during your trip.

Travel Insurance

Laxmii Forex’s Travel Insurance Provides Coverage for

Medical Emergencies

No need to worry if there is a medical emergency in a foreign land. With our travel insurance, you can get apt medical assistance even during your trip.

Last Minute Cancellations

Cancelling pre-paid travel plans can be quite expensive. But with travel insurance, cancelling or changing your travel plans is not a costly affair.

Delayed or Misplaced Luggage

Delayed or lost luggage in the middle of a trip can affect your travel plans. It is thus, recommended to stay prepared for the worst by getting travel insurance.

Loss of Passport or Other Documents

Losing your passport or any important travel document while travelling can be a nightmare. Having travel insurance can save you from the hassles of obtaining a new passport.