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Why Us?

Why Us ?

It’s a dream of almost every person to travel and study abroad. Going abroad is expensive (Flight Tickets, Stay, etc). For every person the need for Forex arises while travelling abroad. But it many cases people have to pay hefty charges to avail these services in banks and other Institutions. Which adds up to the costs.

We at Laxmii Forex make sure that every person gets World Class Forex Service in a cost effective way. We always have consciously taken decisions to benefit the needs of our customers, be it our rates or charges, we have always made sure to help customer get cost effective service.

We have over million plus active customers in India and Abroad. We have a team of after service specialists to serve the customer better. We specialise in International Money Transfers(Outward Remittence) as well as Forex Cards and Currency Exchange.

We have also taken measures to ensure all of the customers’ doubts are satisfied through our customer feedback form posted on our website.