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Forex Card

Cashless Way of Carrying Foreign Currency for Stress-free Travel!

Safe and Convenient Alternative to Handling Foreign Currency

The use of debit or credit cards instead of cash is a great way to conveniently carry a large sum of money. But when you are in a foreign country, using these cards can result in the addition of hidden costs due to service charges and exchange rates. Forex Cards by Laxmii Forex can eliminate these hidden expenses and provide you with an easy and simple way to carry foreign currency.

Are you travelling abroad for higher education, flying out of India for a work trip, or simply going on a leisure trip? Laxmii Forex has Forex Cards for everyone. Using Forex Cards is highly recommended because it is safer than cash, has no hidden costs, and is as simple to use as your credit or debit cards. This way, instead of handling a big chunk of foreign currency, you can pay all your bills conveniently with the help of our Forex Cards.

Key Factors that Make Forex Cards a Must-have

1. No Application or Issuing Fees
2. Add funds to your card anytime within minutes
3. Get the best rates and quickest service in town, we offer the best rates on Forex Cards as compared to any other bank
4. No charge on Swiping (POS ) Transactions and Online Transactions
5. No Cross Currency Conversion Charge
6. Withdraw upto USD 1000 from ATM Per day
7. No need to open a bank account

Additional Benefits :
1. Pay Foreign University Fees with the Card
2. Card comes with complimentary insurance up to INR 10 Lakh*

Key Factors that Make Forex Cards a Must-have

Your Money’s Safety, Our Priority

Laxmii forex card is a safer option as it eliminates the hassles and concerns of carrying a huge sum of money when travelling.

No Application Fees

High service and exchange rate charges are levied if you use normal debit or credit cards abroad. But with our Forex Cards, there are no application charges or any additional expenses.

Avoid Hiked Exchange Rates at Airport

The extremely high exchange rates at the airport can rip you off and be a costly affair. Having the desired amount added to your Forex Card beforehand can save you from such unnecessary expenses.

Complimentary Insurance Coverage

Losing the Forex Card can be a nightmare. But with Laxmii Forex, you are provided with free insurance coverage against theft, loss of the card or misuse.

Book in Advance to Get the Best Rate

With Laxmii Forex, you can book your Forex Card well in advance. This way, you can avoid currency fluctuation and get the card for your preferred rate.

Forex Card at Your Doorstep

No need to visit your bank or even the currency exchange office. With Laxmii Forex, your Forex Card will be delivered to your doorstep.

No Charges on Point of Sale (POS) Machine Transactions

Irrespective of the amount or the number of transactions, Laxmii Forex does not levy any charges on POS machine transactions.

Easy to Add Money

With Laxmii Forex, you can simply load your Forex Card with the foreign currency of your choice by transferring it from your bank account. This can be done as many times as you want at absolutely no cost.